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We tried to avoid things that were trendy and, in general, we just chose things that worked for us that weren’t super complicated. first employee of dropbox. First drew built the first version of ervything, then arash joined. drew did windows and arash did web, then I joined drew windows, arsh servers , I web.

In general, my thing is, again, in keeping with Dropbox’s conservative culture, if you can use languages and tools and databases and frameworks that are 10 years old or older, you’re probably doing pretty good.

Dropbox was super, super flat and allergic to management in the early days, so pretty much everybody just worked on their own stuff and there wasn’t this sense of, “Oh man, this kid is bossing me around again.” It was never like that. 

I think in general, consumer mobile is tough because what may work for you may not work for other people. Trying to find something that has really, really wide appeal is hard in the first place, then what’s more difficult is finding a business in there.

real time communication wins. 90% of our sales came from real time communication, things like phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, gchat.

"I'm sure I was also influenced by my father... but I think I was born with the desire to be a leader."

"I'm a very passionate and enthusiastic manager," he says. "My job is to convey my passion and vision to the team, to be a good communicator, to get everyone to believe in the same thing.

"I had the increasing feeling that while I was valued I was only part of a machine, and that they could easily find someone else for the role if I wasn't there," he says.

"It made me want to be an entrepreneur, and the gratification that if I hadn't done something it wouldn't have been done."

"Don't get me wrong, a good Friday night out - of getting hammered with my friends - is fun, but only if it comes after a week's hard work."
finding an idea
hiring rockstars
you want people that are smart and get things done, it should also be easy to fire and forget. hire good people
have external deadlines like next techrunch conference. you might have to buy air mattress to meet the deadline do it
how to execute well
startup reading
why do it
experiment risks be quick when you are small
expect and hope 1/4th of your project fails. if ervything you are doing works right means you are not taking enough risks
if that things is not essential in keeping the ocmpany alive inthe next week it is not focusing on. evryuthing is for the clients. (lawyers bla bla bla are builshit)
havethings to experiment but make sure tey are strategically focused
yahoo's problem: they are too thin across 50-100 products
on the other hand is apple with 20 products but...
learn to use outside resources contractors etc
if you need a fancy design a fancy video, .. sublease it
dont give up. 95% of execution is going when others have given up
http://www.paulgraham.com/articles.html http://trainings.altpere.com/downloads/GYC/books/Founders%20at%20Work.pdf   http://www.amazon.com/High-Stakes-No-Prisoners-Internet/dp/0812931432
-- be nimble (quick and light in movement or action, agile)

good enough for people to buy

Give back. Let people have connections with you. Awesoem you give back?!

Whatever you wanna do don't suck. there is a lot of companies out there microsoft blackberry socked nobody likes to use them anymore

Take on an intern!!!

CRM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJ63PqPIjcM

Be mindful and project the future http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJhHrwuC2sU

better faster cheaper more efficient


Just push your brain until it hurts!
So here’s the key: A problem doesn’t have to be fully understood, dominated,
and solved for you to succeed. Just push your brain until it hurts! Other people
are probably not pushing themselves that hard. People don’t like hurting their brains!

"To the user, the interface is the product." - Aza Raskin 

"Curiousity. It's the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality." - James Cameron 

"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." - Richard Branson

How To Start A Kickass Startup In Only 5 Steps
1. Write down 30 things that annoy the shit out of you.
2. Find a way to solve any of those problems with tech.
3. Tell anyone the problem and your solution, then listen.
4. Build it or rinse & repeat, depending on feedback.
5. BONUS ROUND: If people give you money to build it, you win.

contact form
instead of "submit" use "click here"
use only three fields, get as little information as possible to get more contacts
use left aligned labels, labels on top of fields are better
users expect to see first name/last name, dates(year month day, and time (hour minute) on a single line
change from risk free to free and unlimited access to increase rates.