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We tried to avoid things that were trendy and, in general, we just chose things that worked for us that weren’t super complicated. first employee of dropbox. First drew built the first version of ervything, then arash joined. drew did windows and arash did web, then I joined drew windows, arsh servers , I web.

In general, my thing is, again, in keeping with Dropbox’s conservative culture, if you can use languages and tools and databases and frameworks that are 10 years old or older, you’re probably doing pretty good.

Dropbox was super, super flat and allergic to management in the early days, so pretty much everybody just worked on their own stuff and there wasn’t this sense of, “Oh man, this kid is bossing me around again.” It was never like that. 

I think in general, consumer mobile is tough because what may work for you may not work for other people. Trying to find something that has really, really wide appeal is hard in the first place, then what’s more difficult is finding a business in there.

data analytics auction
1500 a month al inclusive, 750 only mysql and google analytics
kiss metrics
open source analytics
freebase annoutation
message telegramic

impress.me   do you have something to brag about? something to impress people? post it here. like reddit. but serious stuff

dating: let prople connect from their facebook, twitter, linkedin, but also create their dating portfolio. then invite 6 people out for dinner in a day of week based on their likes and who they like to have a good dinner with have a godo conversation. For each dinner charge them 5 dollars this can be done as surprise (before they know it) for further verification ask for their phone numbers as well

my personal email analytics with lots of visualization, who I've contacted over time, what topics, what sentiments, graphs of contacts. add note for emails, contacts, their websotes etc. the files exchanged. keyword suggestion (tag cloud) based on date range, file exchanged sugegstion, search based on sentiment!! search based on frequesnecy of a conversation. bring all of the emails at your fingertips. everything online and on the go not in outlook or thunderbird, classify similar emails together take actions (e.g. delete all) give a star to en email (like 1-5 stars) of how important it is or ... don't be black white. curret email is 0-1 inbox archive like class grades, make a fluent look. add feature: takea look at it by, then sort emails by that   http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/big-data-analytics/apply-big-data-to-the-email-fight/

smart marketing of tickets. when to buy when to sell, extract patterns, then buy and sell automatically. Due to limiting brokers from market you might only be able to have 4 tickets of each venue.

localnews: on a map show local information from twitter, find local news sources automatically, geo-tag news sources, get people involved: impact app. show local trends. dont only show big impact stuff show me new stuff: bad quality bad organization (clustering/topic modeling). Avoid enterprise:   Darian Shirzai with a geo-search news aggregator says why

indoor location via bluetooth.
In a Bluetooth piconet one master can communicate up to 7 active slaves, there can be some other up to 248 devices which are in sleep mode (may participate to communication actively when another active device goes into sleep mode).link android bluetoothSDK Android Bluetoth RSSI

3d photo. stereo vision case for two iphones to capture 3d. 3d reconstruction using a single camera that circulates everywhere like the 'rome in a day' project - if it was possible kineckt would do it. and wouldnt go for 200 price margin, or there would be competitors, lack of domain knowledge.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolexic_Technologies DDOS

Grocey subscriptions, you can leave any time you desire or don't want. delivery like uber. are you willing to pay $5-$20 to save 2 hours of grocery shopping? and carring? etc. would you like to have fun with your friends instead? Allow temporary add-ons of specific items.  Uber grocery. deliverrere's background checked. 
challenge: we don't have list of items in a store!
every store of a single chain store is different
every department has their own
 $10 per delivery is too much
stores don't give discounts on $4,000/months of grocery shopping. they only offer their own credit card with no late fees/interest


telegram, a bit size at a time. a messaging app that to
for each message put your finger on the screen, screen becomes all black and we show text with certain speed that goes from right to left showing text message
but once somethign is past its past
once you tap on the screen to read a message move your finger to right to make scrolling faster and left to make it slower
for each user you get a latest message you can click to view and a note which will copy links sent or any note you'd like to save for that user. definitely not every single thing sent back and forth need to be saved. we automatically extract links, numbers, addresses, for you. but you cant tell which part was saved by use or by you
you cant see it again
when you have a picture message same thing
hold your finger  on the screenwhereever your finger s is visible rest is not
then after a few  seconds or until you've seen like 80% of imag eit disappears

1. load up all grocery items
2. let ppl scan their receipts, we OCR the prices.     http://www.poiplaza.com/index.php?p=dc&c=49&lpg=&d=&pg=11
3. let ppl add on the deal list
4. give the best deal, where they could've saved.
5. crowd grocery delivery: save on gas, time