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Citizen AT 8124 Eco Drive - H800 Caliber - review & tutorial on how to setup and use all fucntions

bottons should face right
T: Top
M: Middle
B: Bottom

I: press in
O push out   O2 or out 2 out to second position

Chrono is the top botton.
- T to set
- T to start
- T to pause
- B to reset
- B to back to normal

M pull once, rotate until the seconds handle will point to proper timezone

Set time:
M pull once
T press and hold for two seconds
M pull once (to get it to max out)
Adjust: Time (minute/hour/24 hour) ---if you like press T--> date ---if you like press T--> day of week ---if you like press T--> year and month ---if you like press T--> back to time

200m water resistance

- B  small sub-dial shows you battery

M Out 2,
Press T and B for 4 seconds.

To realign handles:
T 10 seconds
bring everything to first of january and date between31 and 1st

T to return back to normal
After this if you press T for 10 seconds it shpuld bring at midnight jan 1st. to ensure handles are aligned correctly

Morteza Shahriari Nia,
Sep 15, 2018, 7:29 AM