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First Date

After First Date
Acceptable messages would be: “Hey, I had a great night with you. I can’t wait to do it again,” or, “Just heard someone laugh exactly like that woman we sat next to the other night, except this time she was 60 and had a German accent.” Little tidbits are reminders that you haven’t lost sight of the time you spent together, but avoid formalities that should be settled in person.

Under no circumstances should a man plan his second date with a woman through text. Things like, “Hey, can I pick you up at eight o'clock on Tuesday for a follow-up?” can be detrimental to an early couple’s dynamic. Leave second date plans, or any follow-up plans for that matter, for the traditional phone conversations we all know and love though increasingly try to avoid.

If you want to tell her how much you like being with her or -- gasp -- that it might even be love, leave the written sonnets to Shakespeare and chat over dinner instead. Extremes of happiness or apprehension should be treated the same with regards to communication, so be cautious before you create more problems.

don’t flush your love life down the toilet by showing that you’re uneducated within the realm of texting.

It is also not a good idea to send presents or flowers or immediately. Without the personal contact, these kinds of gifts start to feel like stalking to the other party.

Women, in particular, have a bad habit of assuming that going on a date automatically means that the two of you are now a couple. At this stage of the game, "togetherness" is merely an idea you are entertaining rather than adopting as a plan for your future.

  • Usually, if a person doesn't call there is no shocking reason behind it. It doesn't mean he or she has been in an accident, lost their memory or lost your number. It doesn't mean that he or she must have broken his or her dialing finger. The plain truth is that most people feel awkward saying no or rejecting another person. Their way of saying no is to not call at all. When in doubt, watch a person's actions and don't cling on to any polite promises that they might have made to you on the first date. If no phone call comes at all, take the hint and leave the matter alone.
usually is crazy for me he call me just after an hour , then 3 am after the first date and then after the second date call next day and the 3rd date he say I will call you tomorrow and he dont don't call and wait until 8.00 if i want to do something ?? yeah sure pm sunday 3 days after sounds more like a booty call?? so I feel disrespect an piss and dump him if they do this.

Courtship is a must for a healthy relationship,the lack there of these days is partly whats wrong with relationships not working out.Four days is the perfect amount of time,one day after the three day rule, if your looking for a mature relationship. I believe texting,emailing or any other form of non-verbal communication is cowardly,and frankly thats not the kind of person I would want in my life.Everything in life works out better when you follow the rules:)

I realized that never once have I had a guy tell me thank you or say they had a good time on the date.

All and all I say say stick to two days, becasue after the the first day your still on her mind and by the secound day you should want to be on her mind! (At least text after the secound day. I also agree with a previous comment. It also depends on what day. if it's friday wait till monday. Don't seem Desperate!!
When you first get her number: I think if she really likes you, if you call immediately it won't matter, but if you wait too long…and she really likes you then it could be a huge turn-off. Now on the flip side if she is still feeling you out, and you call immediately that seems desperate and she will write you off. If you wait too long she’ll think you are a flake. If you ever watched Swingers, they say six days, but I would say maybe two or three. Also, depends on when you met her. Say it was a Thursday or Friday, you might hold off till Monday or even Tuesday. People in general don’t like things to be too easy. Girls love the chase. After the first date: Same thing. If she really likes you and the date went well, the next day is fine. Now if you aren't sure how it went, then wait a couple of days. Remember girls love the chase and they hate to feel rejected. The girls reading this think I'm full of it, but the games they play are the reason why guys wait.
My boyfriend waited 4 days to call me after our first date. I have to admit, I was so mad! I thought he didn't like me since of that whole '3 day rule' guys always talk about.
Anyway, I kind of feel like a phone call is a much nicer gesture to make than a text. A text/facebook/myspace etc - does not take that much effort. The verbal interraction means a lot more, in my opinion.