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ML blockers
Can not be used
Is data available, accessible?
Should not be be used
Low quality data
Scarse / incomplete

Boost high potential sellers

What is our threshold for mistakes being made?
For this particular situations where our confidence is 95% up we do use ML other no.

Experiment the hypothesis

Research scientist
Applied scientist
ML scientist
Data scientist
Business intelligence engineer
Data engineer
Software engineer
Dev manager
Technical program manager
Processes: ML life cycle
Formulate problem
select and preprocess data
feature engineering
train/test/tune models
Tools / Infra


What are the qualities of a good manager?
good communicator
strategic in thinking

Totally focused on aims and strategic goals, You need to be competent and constantly evolve and develop and set good example for the team

Organizations want managers who works towards achieving the goals and strategic aims of the company

Describe your management style
Have high standards
Fair and approachable
Continually evolving, want team to continually evolve too

My management style is a combination of different key elements that are designed to achieve results. I am firm and set high standards. Decisive in decision making, continually improve the team.
I want commitment from team and good work

get best results from team deliver best results for employer

Give example of difficult team you had to manage
mention the team was some time ago. => now you are ready to manage with minimal problem
where you learned a lot from problems, its ok if you make mistake as long as you learn from it

The toughest team was in the early days of becoming a manager. It was a fast and steep learning curve. I made some mistakes and I learned from
The team had just lost a long serving mnager and some people in the team had their ways of working. I went in with new fresh ideas. changed a number of things perhaps too quickly.
The team made it difficult for me to make the changes I wanted to make and the team meetings I held were laborious and challenging process. 
However I preserved, learned from my mistakes and managed to eventually turn things around. 
I started to get the team onboard and listened to their ideas and suggestions
After 6 months hard work we had the best performing team within the org and it was the start of a very productive environment where everybody felt valued and appreciated.
I have learnt a tremendous amount and have a set approach that works really well

What do you like about managing people?
Mention that the difficult and challenging parts are the best elements are managing people.