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And what is our value and what value we deliver to our people
    respet the users oiece
    reach evry person in teh planet
    grow our business in a way that makes us proud

first focus on media, outreach
you can do the technology 7 years later

they wanted it to be a news and infortmation site not a social network, a place where you can post news

Madbits company moto

One Dream, One Passion.

At Madbits, we have a (mad)dream: to make computers learn. We want them to learn from you, learn for you, work for you, be creative, and help you.
In reality, our dream is to get computers to enter a new age. This new age says goodbye to dusty folders and confusing menus. No more low-level computerisms getting between you and your favorite media, music, images, videos, and friends.
Our dream is for computers to learn how to best interact with you, to learn and understand your passions in order to serve you in a way that's truly unprecedented.

So how do we get there?

We’ve developed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. In fact, our scientists were among the pioneers of this new kind of machine intelligence called Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a powerful algorithmic approach to building machines that learn by extracting information from the outside world—an approach that's very similar to the way human cognition works. Learning is progressive, relying on basic concepts to formulate higher-level ones. It's this technology that enables our team to develop such amazing tools, and these tools that enable our machines to understand your media, data, photographs, and videos in a way that's very, very exciting.

And we don't just stop there.

Our team works very hard to understand how to leverage this kind of machine intelligence to assist you and enhance your creativity. We are obsessed with doing good: using machine intelligence to advance our daily activities and enable us to do more.
Our team is working on a revolutionary platform called CKOiA, a platform that will give you a whole new perspective on your photo library. CKOiA allows you to interact with your images in a brand-new way. At its base, the platform relies on powerful machine intelligence and will adapt to your input, making it better and better each time you use it.