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همشهری پین
گل سرخ و شمشیر
تبریز مه آلود
صد سال تنهایی
خاطرات دلبرکان غمگین من
هوشمندان سیاره اوراک
همه مردان شاه ، تاریخی داستانی

فعلا حافطه ام در همین حد یاری کرد
سفرنامه ناصرخسرو هم فوق العاده است.

Dr. Elahi Ghomshei has compiled a list of 100-all-time-best books. The list is here and here Also in Good Reads here and here.

 Conceptual Books
 Software Eng. Books
An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, Peter Linz, 2001
 JavaScript the Definitive Guide, O'REILLY, 2006
 Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Aho, Sethi and Ullman

Engineering a Compiler, Cooper, Torczon 2004
Java Regular Expressions: Taming the java.util.regex Engine, by M. Habibi, 2004
 Artificial Intelligence, Russel, Nurving 2002
 jQuery in Action, by B. Bibeault and Y. Katz, 2008
 Distributed Operating Systems, Tanenbaum, 2001
Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2: JDK 5 Edition, by Ivor Horton, WROX 2004
 Digital Image Processing, Gonzalez, 2002
 The Art of Unit Testing with Examples in .NET, by Roy Osherove 2009
 Matrix Analysis & Applied Linear Algebra, Carl D. Meyer, 2000
 Java Servlet Programming by J. Hunter 1998
 Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Erwin Kreyszig
 Learning Perl, by Schwartz, Phoenix, Foy 2008
   Subversion Version Control, by W. Naggel 2005
   The Subversion Book by sussman, fitz and cmpilato