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Fedora URL to be installed on CentOS with Xen Hyprevisor

add current uer to wheel group, in sudoers file uncomment wheel list to the list of suduers
To change the resolution of CentOS, in administration change monitor type to generic LCD 1450*...  restart you will be able to change it

install xen-tools
install rpm builder


$ xm create fedora01;xm create fedora02
$  cat /etc/xen/fedora01
$ ls /etc/xen/scripts/

$ vim /etc/xen/scripts/
$  vim /etc/xen/scripts/
$ xm list
    ls /local/domain
    ls /var/local/
    xenstore-ls | grep domain
    ls /local/domain/7
    xenstore-list 7
    man xm
    find /etc/xen/ -name vif\* -print
    man xm
    find / -name xend-config.sxp -print
    vim /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp
    vim /etc/xen/scripts/
    grep fedora01 `find . -name \* -print`
    cat /etc/xen/fedora01
    which xm
    file `which xm`
    vim /usr/sbin/xm
    ls /usr/sbin | grep xm
    ls /usr/sbin | grep xen
    ls /usr/sbin | grep main
    grep main `ls /usr/sbin/`
    grep main `ls /usr/sbin/` 2>/dev/null
    grep main `find /usr/sbin/ -name \* -print` 2>/dev/null
    grep main `find /usr/sbin/ -name \* -print` | grep -v matches
    grep -e "main(" `find /usr/sbin/ -name \* -print` | grep -v matches
    history  > /home/xenbase/Desktop/history.txt