Target Management - Remote System Explorer

How To: Browse remote files in Eclipse IDE

by venukb on June 6, 2007 always amaze me with the kind of tooling that they go on adding to the Eclipse Platform. Few months back when I was browsing the different projects in Eclipse, I stumbled on Remote System Explorer (RSE)

Remote System Explorer is part of Target Management which in turn in a subproject of Device Software Development Platform (DSDP).

The purpose of the Target Management project is to creates data models and frameworks to configure and manage remote systems, their connections, and their services.

Remote System Explorer helps in

  • Creating connections to remote Linux/Unix Servers
  • Exploring the remote file system
  • Editing and saving remote files
  • Open shells and execute commands
  • Search for files on the remote system



(Note: I have a slightly old version of RSE at my workplace. The wizard data might differ in the new version)

The default Remote System Explorer view shows your system’s local file system by default.

You can additionally configure/add new connections via the “New Connection” dialog

Input the host name and connection name (optionally you can input connections description)

Once a new connection is added, you can connect to the sever using the required security credentials. After a successful connection you should be able to explore the remote system from the Navigator view.

The remote files can be opened/edited and saved from within Eclipse. Default Eclipse editors come into action based on the type of the remote file.

You can launch a shell and execute commands (Even the environment variables for the shell can be set)