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To run Sakai CLE demo:
Make sure java is in the enviroment variable, make sure Apache Tomcat is properly configured and CATALINA_HOME is properly set.
 bin $chmod +x *.sh
sakai-home$ ./

There is ONE global, shared Sakai application context holding beans for all Sakai services

Writing Sakai Tools
A Sakai tool is “nearly” like a normal Servlet, only with some oddities
 (see morning’s talk)
**The tool’s Spring context (applicationContext.xml) is automagically “glued” onto the bottom of the global shared Spring context, so Sakai services can be directly referenced in Spring
Spring JARs must NOT be included in the application, since they are already in shared

Forum classes are contained in tomcat/webapps/messageforums-tool.war
Forum titles are in tomcat/shared/lib/messageforums-api-2.7.0.jar
Other titles can be found at tomcat/webapps/sakai-content-tool/WEB-INF/lib/content-bundles-2.7.0.jar