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Here we keep track of some of the features of Glassfish v3.

Download Java EE 6 SDK here. run the .sh file downloaded and install it based on your preferences.
Following the tutorial on Oracle website install update tool:
glassfishv3/bin$ ./updatetool         //downloads some required plug-ins in the first run.

Run it by:
glassfishv3/glassfish/modules/$ java -jar glassfish.jar
View that the application serer is actually running by surfing to address:     http://localhost:4848/
Or surf to the following to view the admin console:            http://localhost:4848/

Deploy a war:
glassfishv3/bin $ ./asadmin deploy simple.war
To re-deploy a war:
glassfishv3/bin $ ./asadmin redeploy --name simple simple.war

Stop it:
glassfishv3/bin $ ./asadmin stop-domain