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Other Notes

In spring, aspects are wired into objects in the spring XML file in the same way as JavaBean. This process is known as 'Weaving'.

Archetype: Archetype is a Maven project templating toolkit. An archetype is defined as an original pattern or model from which all other things of the same kind are made. The names fits as we are trying to provide a system that provides a consistent means of generating Maven projects.

You have to instantiate the Spring IoC container for it to create bean instances by reading their configurations. Then, you can get the bean instances from the IoC container to use.

To start with Spring you can begin by downloading SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) I prefer the zip version better than an installer. included:
It will warn you about :
"The Maven Integration requires that Eclipse be running in a JDK, because a number of Maven core plugins are using jars from the JDK. Please make sure the -vm option in eclipse.ini is pointing to a JDK and verify that Installed JRE’s are also using JDK installs."
To resolve this you need to modify the STS.ini and add the following line right before -vmargs (obtained from here):
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\bin\javaw.exe