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Jspx extends Java EE servlets to provide an Object-oriented programming model for HTML declarative code. jspx is significantly different from JSP in that it does not directly embed Java code in HTML.

Jspx provides a means of implementing a stateful user interface over a stateless protocol (HTTP). JSF provides similar functionality, but requires that developers learn an entire new set of tags.

Jspx had the following design goals:[3]
  1. Business case Driven Framework
    Remove boilerplate code and tasks.
  2. Zero configuration
    Unlike JSF, does not require any external configuration.
  3. Declarative and Imperative code
    Attributes declared in HTML are accessible by fully object-oriented APIs.
  4. Optional and Default Implementation
    No need to specify the value of every feature, because they have reasonable default values.
  5. Integration with other frameworks
    Import existing jsp files into jspx HTML pages.
  6. Portable framework
    Run on almost every Application Server without extra effort.